If you’re considering a career as a personal trainer, the first step on your journey is to obtain the correct training. In gaining certification as a PT, you will be able to access a wide range of jobs, or charge more for your services, than you might if you didn’t have any kind of formal qualification, or a qualification from an unrecognised body.

Taking the time to carry out your training allows you to put your best foot forward when starting your career. This could mean better pay from the world go, and faster growth within the industry. With this in mind, here’s how to compare personal training courses, to make the right decision for you.

Why you Should Choose an Accredited Course

When it comes to becoming a PT, there are loads of courses out there, which can make navigating your options tricky. When you start searching, you’ll find various options claiming to be the best, but many of these courses are not accredited and may not be recognised by multiple employers.

In order to maximise your opportunity and your earning potential, it’s essential to gain your certificate with an accredited body. When you start looking online, there are lots of courses and diplomas available, some of which can be studied online, but it’s not always clear who these courses are accredited by, if at all. While these courses might give you the skills you need, they won’t necessarily give you the certification that you need to kickstart your career.

One of the leading examination boards in the PT industry is ITEC. As an international examination board, ITEC is recognised around the world, meaning obtaining certification with ITEC allows you to work anywhere. The qualifications are UK government accredited by the Office of the Qualifications and Examination Regulator, on behalf of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.

ITEC specialise in the health and wellness industry, ensuring its qualifications offer the very best in the industry, with the core content being updated regularly to reflect new trends and advances. Choosing an ITEC course ensures you get the most up to date information and training, whereas studying a non-ITEC course could result in learning outdated material that won’t serve you well when you come to start work in the industry.

Career Opportunities: Accredited Training VS Non-accredited

Without certification from an accredited body, you might find it tricky to gain employment in gyms and training schools. The majority of gyms favour certification from just a select few examination boards, and specifically look out for trainers with these certificates. If you were to obtain a different kind of training, you might be overlooked. As an example, if 10 applications apply for one role, and six of them hold a diploma with ITEC, you are likely to be overlooked in favour of those with certification that’s renowned in the industry.

Of course many PTs set out to be self-employed from the offset, with no intention of working in a gym or similar. While accredited certification is slightly less important for those who intend on running their own business, savvy consumers will be aware of what to look for in a PT, and may choose another individual that holds well recognised certification, over more generic training. Training with an accredited body allows you to display the logos and other information on your website and marketing material, allowing you to backup your knowledge and reassure your potential clients of your experience in the industry.

Online Training VS in Person

Something else you might notice while looking into PT courses is that there are many online options available. While this might be suitable for some with other commitments that are inflexible, the recommended method of study is in person, at a reputable school.

You might choose online training if you have a family or job to juggle with your training, and so there are some benefits to some in choosing this option. Generally though, the benefits of training in person outweigh the benefits of training online.

By choosing to train at a reputable school, you will gain much more hands on experience, and learn from some of the very best in the industry. At Evolution Institute, we teach our ITEC diplomas in a small class environment, limiting our class sizes to enhance your experience and your opportunity to get the most out of your classes. We allow you the time and space to ask all the questions you need to, and our tutors have time to assist each and every student to help them reach their full potential.

Comparing Course Content

Often overlooked is the specific content that is taught through each PT course. This is well worth looking into as may highlight areas that are missing and may make one course stand out against the other to you.

When it comes to comparing course content, the best place to start is to outline 2-3 courses that suit your requirements, and then compare the modules against each other. If you’re particularly interested in one area of personal training, there may be a clear winner if one course focuses more on this, or if another course doesn’t at all. If you’re looking for an all round course, choose the one that covers the most to give you the best possible knowledge for working in the industry.

As an example, our PT ITEC diploma offers a thorough curriculum. Our seminars and core modules cover the likes of advanced lifts, metabolism to fight fat, nutrition, anaerobic and aerobic training, Hiit training, studio cycling, suspension training and much much more. Many of these modules wouldn’t be covered in more basic courses, and would require you to obtain other qualifications before being able to move on to more advanced training, whereas our ITEC Level 3 course has no entry boundaries in terms of holding other qualifications in the industry.

As you can see, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to comparing courses. Make sure you are thorough and choose the course that’s best suited to you, but most importantly, choose an accredited course that will get you far in the industry. Click here to find out more about our PT courses: https://evolutionfitness.ie/Evolutionfitness/courses/