Choosing the right PT course will look different for everyone, which is why it’s so important to consider your individual needs, goals and aspirations. Working in personal training offers many fantastic benefits, such as the opportunity to be your own boss, and spending your time doing something that you love and get a lot of fulfilment from.

Selecting the right course for you is key to your career, and will greatly shape your opportunities in the industry. To help you make the right decision, here’s our full guide to choosing the right PT course for you

Consider your Current Situation

Before you even start about looking at courses, you need to outline your motivations for wanting to study PT in the first place. Are you already a PT that wants to expand your skills, or perhaps you want to replace your existing training with an accredited qualification? Consider how this might increase your earning potential, or get you to where you want to be. If you already hold accredited certification, look into how topping up your qualifications could increase your opportunities and earning potential.

If PT is new to you, the best place to start is with an all round course that will give you a taste of all areas of personal training. Not only will this help you see where your real passion lies, it will also enable you to work in a variety of areas of PT once qualified. Choosing to specialise this early on instead of studying an all round course could limit you, causing you to go back to the drawing board a few years later. In thinking carefully at this stage, you can ensure your training will get you as far as possible and give you a great start in the industry.

Think About Where you Want to Be

Think carefully about what you want to achieve from your training. If you simply want to gain access to the industry as quickly as possible, without limiting your opportunities, then an all round accredited course is a must. Whereas if you’re already in the industry, and you want to specialise in a specific area, a more focused course is a no brainer.

At Evolution Fitness, we offer a variety of PT courses, including Personal Training Diplomas and Recertification courses. Our courses for graduates are designed to give you an extensive portfolio of skills, and certification with accredited bodies including ITEC and EQF. In undertaking out recertification courses you can increase your career opportunities and earning potential.

We also offer various specialist courses, including the likes of body fat analysis, TRX, kettlebells, strength and conditioning and various nutrition qualifications. These courses are great for existing PTs that want to expand their skill set in a specific area.

If you are new to personal training, then our ITEC Level 3 Personal Training Diploma will give you all the skills you need and the certification to start working in the industry. In choosing a diploma with a renowned examination board such as ITEC, you will be more likely to be successful in securing the roles you really want

Create a Plan

If your intention is to start working in the industry as soon as possible then that’s the first step of your plan sorted - gain your certification. It’s well worth thinking about where you might want to be in the next 5-10 years and beyond though.

What’s your ultimate goal? What do you really want to be doing in the industry? For some, the goal is to just be doing something that they love, for others it’s all about helping people feel their very best. For some, there might be a specific area that you’re passionate about. Thinking ahead and creating a career plan is a great idea to help you choose the best training for you at this early stage.

In general, choosing our Level 3 PT Diploma is a safe bet, as it gives you the all round training and certification that you need to take your career in any direction

Always Choose Accredited Qualifications

There are a lot of training options out there, many of which may not provide all the skills you need, or certification that’s recognised in the industry. While you might feel like you have all the knowledge you need to work as a PT, you might find it difficult to gain employment with non accredited qualifications

This is why at this stage, no matter what your end goal is, we always recommend gaining certification with a reputable examination board. One of the most desirable qualifications and highly renowned in the industry is certification with ITEC. ITEC is a leading examination board in the industry, and those with qualifications from ITEC are often favoured over those with differing certification.

Recognised around the world, training with ITEC means you can work anywhere, both internationally and locally. Specialising in the health and wellness industry, ITEC courses offer the very best in the industry, with core content being the most up to date you can get.

At Evolution Fitness, our courses are accredited by ITEC, which will help you get the very best start in the industry. Working in PT can be extremely fulfilling and enjoyable, making it well worth taking the extra time to plan ahead and choose the right training to kickstart your career. For more information on our PT courses, click here: , or get in touch with any queries.